Presenting: In The Works (Grand Opening)

Oh the Sabot!



Come meet the In The Works and find out what the f*@k In The Works is (no, we don’t believe in work)! We’re a new anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist
space in The Mission.

Check out the space, get involved, bring suggestions, questions and feedback on how you would like the space to be used.


  • FNB House Cumbia Trio
  • Dinner by Food Not Bombs
  • Our History & Development
  • Radical Parenting / Family Friendly Collective
  • Free Skool
  • Questions, Feedback, Ideas & Suggestions
  • Radical Poetry & Acoustic Acts
  • More to be announced as well..

(Childcare Will Be Provided!)

If you are interested destroying the dominant social fabric and replacing it with meaningful community, come check it out.

In The Works is anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist and creates an empowering, non-oppressive safer space with horizontal decision-making and information-sharing.

In The Works is also accessible by elevator, as needed.


In The Works
3265 17th Street, #204
San Francisco, CA 94110

*No law enforcement of any kind, uniformed or otherwise, is permitted inside the space.*