A Day of (A) THEORY & DIY Skill Shares

In The Works presents: A Day of (A) THEORY & DIY Skill Shares!

As part of the 2013 8 Days of Anarchy, ”A Day of (A) Theory & DIY Skill Shares” will aim to retain, deepen and strengthen the subversive and dangerous texts, ideas and ways of being and doing that anarchist thought and practice make possible.

The day will include tabling from various anarchist publishers and thinkers, discussion relevant to struggle in our current post-modern trajectory, and craft presentations. If you have an interest in tabling, talking, or presenting something practical drop us a line!

All tables and speakers/discussions will use In The Works event space for free/donation only. All donations received from this event will go to the Free Jeremy Hammond! legal fund. Jeremy Hammond is a 28 year old anarchist and web-developer from Chicago who is being accused of hacking Strategic Forecasting(Stratfor), and publishing this information via the website Wikileaks.org, as the ‘Global Intelligence Files’.

WHERE: In The Works is located 1 1/2 blocks from the 16th Street Mission BART station at 3265 17th Street, between Mission & Capp Streets.

WHEN: March 16th, 11AM – 5PM


  • Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed
  • C.A.L. Press
  • Prisoner’s Dilemma
  • Intellectual Vagabond
  • Freedom Club Press
  • LBC Books
  • Insane Dialectical Posse
  • Santa Cruz (A) Projects
  • Bay Area Public School
  • East Bay Free Skool
  • Bay Area Ladyfest
  • Black Powder Press
  • SF/Berkeley CopWatch
  • LIES Journal
  • DIY Book Binding
  • 40 Thieves

With Talks by:

1) 1215-115PM: Bagua! Melisa gives a presentation on Chinese Martial Arts

  • Bagua is a Chinese internal martial art with health, meditation and fighting applications. It is notable for its circular movement and continuous posture changes. Because of its focus on solo practice, Bagua is well-suited for people with chronic injuries and other health limitations.

2) 130-230PM: SF/Berkeley CopWatch presents on recent updates including footage!

3) 240-340PM: Anarchism & Education by Autumn

  • Do you like to learn new things? Did you feel like your learning was done in spite of schooling? Is there a difference between schooling and learning? Anarchist scenes have a lot of work to do in valuing and creating spaces where knowledge is produced and shared, but many times they offer some intriguing inspiring insights into how we start building the world we wish to see. Learn about the history and present of anarchist and anti-colonial models/ practices of knowledge production as well as its applications in our communities here.

4) 345-500PM: After Occupy? Anarchy! by Doug

  • After the occupy movement, new struggles have developed against sexual violence, environmental exploitation, and native sovereignty. But as quickly as they are formed, these struggles often are recuperated back into single issue demands and stripped of their disruptive qualities and potentially revolutionary goals. This workshop will look how anarchists can intervene in these moments, with both ideas, actions, and critiques. It will also look at how genuine class struggle in both the era of the depression in the 1930’s as well as during the civil rights struggles of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s were also recuperated as a means to gain better insight into our current political situation.


On Saturday: Located at KidPOWER Park on Hoff Street, between Station 40 and ITW.

In The Works is an anticapitalist and antiauthoritarian events and (anti)art collective that seeks total liberation.

In the Works


Spoonboy, Jabber, and Watercolor Paintings at ITW 3/8

At In the Works
3265 17th St. San Francisco

Friday, March 8th
Doors at 7:30 bands at 8pm!

Spoonboy is from washington DC, bring some money to throw down for gas! BECAUSE GAS IS EXPENSIVE, AND NECESSARY FOR TOURING.

Jabber are harmonious pop punk babes from Oakland.

Watercolor Paintings pretty soft punk from southern california


Community Action Center

Sex Art Commune presents two screening events of the experimental, community-made, feminist queer art porn:

Community Action Center 
by A.L. Steiner & AK Burns
Mar 1, 7:30pm – In the Works (SF)
Community Action Center playfully meshes the erotics of a community of lovers, friends and collaborators where the personal is not only political, but sexual. This queer, trans and women-centered project is heavily inspired by seminal 1970s porn – yet the film demands that this representation not only be included but attacks the canon of pornography itself. CAC is set to a soundtrack of Chicks on Speed, Electrelane, K8 Hardy, Lesbians on Ecstasy, Light Asylum, Thee Majesty and MEN and includes original compositions by Justin Bond, Ashland Mines & Wu Tsang among others.Directed by A. L. Steiner & AK Burns
(USA, 2010, 69 minutes)Mar 1, 2013,7:30 – In the Works (3265 17th street, SF, off of Capp street)

Screening is preceded by embodied warm-up led by Shar Rednour & Anna Martine Whitehead
Free (donations encouraged but absolutely not required)
Please Note: The capacity is larger than the Holdout, so come and bring your friends, about 60 people. In the Works is on the 2nd floor. Wheelchair accessible, but diff entrance. Call Margit if its not obvious: (917) 617 – 3939. Thanks In The Works, for last minute hosting!

The Global Social Factory & Supply Chains

The Global Social Factory & Supply Chains Study Group meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 7PM-9PM.

Here’s the next reading (based on what we finished in the last class discussion):

Module Four: Internationalist Class Struggle Across Borders

Presenting: In The Works (Grand Opening)

Oh the Sabot!



Come meet the In The Works and find out what the f*@k In The Works is (no, we don’t believe in work)! We’re a new anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist
space in The Mission.

Check out the space, get involved, bring suggestions, questions and feedback on how you would like the space to be used.


  • FNB House Cumbia Trio
  • Dinner by Food Not Bombs
  • Our History & Development
  • Radical Parenting / Family Friendly Collective
  • Free Skool
  • Questions, Feedback, Ideas & Suggestions
  • Radical Poetry & Acoustic Acts
  • More to be announced as well..

(Childcare Will Be Provided!)

If you are interested destroying the dominant social fabric and replacing it with meaningful community, come check it out.

In The Works is anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist and creates an empowering, non-oppressive safer space with horizontal decision-making and information-sharing.

In The Works is also accessible by elevator, as needed.


In The Works
3265 17th Street, #204
San Francisco, CA 94110

*No law enforcement of any kind, uniformed or otherwise, is permitted inside the space.*